The poor dog stuck in the iron pipe is earnestly calling for help in despair looking at it

There was a cute little dog named Son. One beautiful day, Son curiously wandered into a large iron pipe and couldn’t get out. The poor little dog was stuck in the pipe and couldn’t move.

Son tried to make noises and movements to attract people’s attention, but no one could help the little dog. Son waited until nightfall, and with each passing moment, its hope dwindled.

However, on that night, a boy passing by heard the cries for help coming from the pipe. The boy approached and found Son stuck in the pipe. The boy didn’t hesitate, he called for rescue and together they freed Son.

After being rescued, Son couldn’t help but rest its head on the boy’s lap and raise its paw as if to thank the boy for saving its life. The little dog’s affection touched the boy’s heart, and from then on, the boy became a very close friend of Son.

The story of Son is a reminder of love and sacrifice. Son did everything to attract people’s attention and desired to be rescued. Thanks to the love and sacrifice of the boy, Son was rescued and found a lifelong companion.

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