The poor dog was abandoned, crying for his cruel fate and waiting for someone to save him when he was at his weakest like now

He found himself abandoned at the roadside, overcome with weakness and unable to stand, desperately awaiting assistance.

We encountered a tragic sight – a puppy abandoned by the roadside, resembling a broken toy. Its condition is critical, as it is in a distressing state of physical deterioration that words cannot adequately describe. The puppy is severely dehydrated, to the point where its skin lacks elasticity. Furthermore, it is almost entirely devoid of hair, with dry, cracked, and infected skin. Its appearance resembles that of a skeletal structure barely covered in skin.

Administering fluids with a needle is a challenging task due to the absence of a suitable location. The odor emanating from its infected skin is beyond words, rendering me speechless and unable to express my thoughts. Nevertheless, its dedicated family persists in their unwavering commitment to its health, providing steadfast support for its recovery despite seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Please keep the puppy in your prayers. It was too feeble to sit, stand, or even raise its head; it simply lay there motionless, showing no response to anything. Just before heading to the veterinary clinic, it was tormented by unbearable itchiness, repeatedly attempting to bite and lick its skin to relieve the discomfort. At the vet, it was confirmed that the puppy has also tested positive for Distemper.

Once again, the puppy demonstrated its resilience and continued to improve with each passing day. Our brave puppy, now named Harika, had a brief moment of activity and consumed nourishing food. Additionally, it relieved itself, giving me cautious optimism that it may overcome this challenge. We are putting in immense effort, enduring yet another lengthy night together. On Day 3, little Harika found solace basking in the sunlight in the veterinarian clinic’s yard.

On its second day at the vet, it mustered up enough strength to follow us around the yard for a little while. After a few days at the clinic, it started feeling much better and even attempted to play. It was during this time that Harika received its very first toy, brought to the vet clinic. Fast forward to day 15, Harika is now in the yard of its foster home, wearing its overall to keep warm on a chilly day.

On Day 36, Harika enjoyed a delightful time with its pals Peanut and Charlotte. Excitingly, Harika is now all set to receive its initial vaccinations! Day 43 brought news of a wonderful opportunity as a family from the Netherlands expressed their desire to adopt Harika. Consequently, Harika joyfully found its forever home and was officially adopted. Fast forward to Day 60, and Harika embarks on its journey towards HOME! Leaving Bosnia-Herzegovina behind, it anticipates arriving at its new abode tomorrow.

Get ready to see some joyful pictures! Even though it is still recovering from tick fever and anemia, Harika has a loving family who is taking great care of it and helping it heal. Take a look at Harika now, one year after being rescued. This is its forever home, and it looks incredibly handsome today! It not only survived but also grew up to become a beautiful young dog who has found happiness through adoption in the Netherlands.

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