The poor dog was abandoned in starvation, emaciated, only skin and bones, so tired that he collapsed in pain

Amidst the barrenness, a tiny canine was found deserted in a secluded cabin by a river. The details of how it came to be in such a predicament remained a mystery, yet one fact was undeniable—the distressed creature was in desperate need of immediate assistance.

He appeared emaciated and his frailty prevented him from walking, emanating an aura of desperate helplessness that stirred deep emotions. Acting promptly, the individual who discovered him promptly took photos and videos, intending to document his condition until rescue partners could reach the scene.

As the rescuers comprehended the situation, they were overcome with heartbreak. The realization struck them that the circumstances were much more severe than initially expected. The dog, who answered to the name Joaquim, was reduced to a mere skeleton, barely clinging to life with his frail body.

They suspected that one of Joaquim’s back legs was fractured, and upon closer examination, they discovered multiple wounds, some of which were infested with maggots. The anguish he had experienced was evident in his eyes. However, amidst the despair, they held onto a glimmer of hope and made a solemn promise not to leave him to suffer alone. Recognizing the urgency of Joaquim’s condition, they hurriedly transported him to the emergency hospital.

Joaquim’s condition revealed the harsh reality at the hospital. His wounds were cleansed, maggots were delicately taken out, and he underwent a treatment plan involving potent antibiotics, pain relievers, and intravenous fluids. To combat his severe dehydration and cold body, he was given a heated mattress and cozy blankets to regain warmth. Additionally, blood samples were collected and tests for Lyme disease and distemper were administered.

Joaquim felt overwhelmed by both lethargy and sadness, unable to comprehend the immense cruelty inflicted upon an innocent animal. To worsen matters, the test results revealed that he had indeed contracted distemper, further deepening his already desperate situation.

Equally disheartening were the examination results, which revealed anemia, elevated infection levels, as well as concerning liver and kidney issues. The wounds on his neck and anus were severely infected, while his right hind leg, potentially fractured, continued to exhibit swelling.

The medical team started administering treatments to alleviate the symptoms of distemper. Additionally, they scheduled an ultrasound examination to obtain more information about his condition. However, considering his fragile state, the X-rays had to be delayed since he would not be able to withstand sedation at this time without risking his life.

Joaquim’s leg, which was infected and fractured, needed regular draining, and medications were given to treat the infections, as well as liver and kidney problems discovered during his examinations. Despite facing numerous difficulties, Joaquim exhibited a strong and determined attitude, gradually surpassing all expectations and showing remarkable improvement.

Despite being unable to stand and hindered by a potential fracture, Joaquim’s appetite remained strong, showcasing his unwavering determination to fight. His caretakers made efforts to position him for feeding, and he eagerly devoured his meals.

As time went by, Joaquim’s condition improved, enabling him to eat on his own. His wounds received attention three times a day, along with the continued administration of antibiotics and painkillers. Blood tests were conducted again to monitor any progress and anticipate positive developments.

Following that, the heartwarming news arrived—Joaquim’s little tail wagged, serving as a symbol of his unwavering spirit. Despite the relentless battle against the devastating distemper, he persisted. Concurrently, the medical team exerted tireless efforts to stabilize him in preparation for the upcoming leg surgery.

With a positive outlook, Joaquim saw improvements in his examination results and managed to gain weight, triumphing over his battle with distemper and completing the required treatments. Now, preparations were being made for the challenging and vital surgery to mend his fractured hind leg. The images of his fracture clearly depicted the severity of his condition.

Despite facing numerous obstacles, this courageous young boy continued to fight against all odds. After his surgery, he found himself in need of a blood transfusion. Since being rescued on May 2nd, Joaquim had endured an immense amount of pain, and concerns about his ability to recover still remained.

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