The poor dog was abandoned on the side of the road in a stinking garbage bag, fortunately a kind woman rescued it in time and gave it a whole new life

In a world where animal abuse is unfortunately all too common, one story of survival stands out above the rest. Last week, a little puppy was abandoned inside a garbage bag in Can Tho, Vietnam. She couldn’t breathe and was left to die a slow and painful death. But luckily, a hero was there to save her.

Lien, one of our rescuers, was on her way home from the supermarket when she spotted the moving bag. Something told her that there was an animal inside, and she couldn’t ignore the feeling. She opened the bag to find a tiny, injured puppy gasping for air. It was a heartbreaking sight.

Despite the odds, this little pup had managed to survive for who knows how long inside that bag. But now, she was in desperate need of medical attention. Lien knew that she had to act fast if this puppy was going to make it.

She rushed the puppy to our shelter, where our veterinary team was waiting to provide immediate care. The puppy was so weak that she could barely move, but she fought hard to stay alive. We were able to stabilize her breathing and give her the pain relief that she so desperately needed.

It’s still unclear who could have done something so cruel as to abandon a helpless puppy in a garbage bag. But what we do know is that this little fighter has a whole team of people who are rooting for her.

We’re happy to report that this little puppy is doing much better now. She’s still got a long road to recovery, but she’s made incredible progress in just a short amount of time. She’s got a strong spirit, and we know that she’s going to make it.

This story is a reminder that there is still hope for animals who have been abandoned, abused, and left to die. With the right care and attention, they can not only survive, but thrive. And it’s all thanks to the kindness and compassion of people like Lien, who are willing to go above and beyond to save a life.

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