The poor dog was attacked by a hedgehog on one side of his face, causing him extreme pain and could only helplessly collapse in one place in vain


That day, a small dog named Rex was wandering on the street, looking for some food and a place to stay for the night. But while passing through a small forest, Rex was suddenly attacked by a porcupine.

Rex tried to run away, but the porcupine attacked one side of his face, causing a serious wound. Rex felt pain and helplessness, and could only collapse in despair.

A man passing by saw Rex lying there and took him to a nearby animal hospital for emergency treatment. Rex had to undergo multiple surgeries to treat the facial wound, and during the process, he endured a lot of pain and hardship.

But fortunately, Rex was taken in by a kind-hearted family who adopted and took care of him. They brought him home and allowed him to rest and recover. Rex received a lot of love and care from his new family, and from then on, he became an important member of that family.

Despite having to go through a lot of difficulties and pain, Rex found a loving family and a warm home. He learned a lot from his experience, and from then on, he became very intelligent and loyal to his family.

But no matter what happened, Rex always remembered the people who helped him during his most difficult days. He wanted to repay all of them by becoming the best and most loyal dog he could be. And with the love and care of his new family, Rex became a reliable and beloved companion.

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