The poor dog was attacked by porcupines all over his body and is in extreme pain and despair but can only collapse helplessly because there is no one to help at this time

Chú chó may mắn sống sót khi bị lông nhím đâm vào tim, phổi | Chuyện lạ |  Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)

Max is a mischievous and adorable little dog, loved and cared for by his family. Every day, Max’s owner takes him for a walk in the nearby forest to play and enjoy happy moments with his other dog friends.

But one day, all of Max’s joy was brought down when he was attacked by a group of hedgehogs. Max was in pain and scared, and the sharp spikes pierced his body, causing him to be unable to move. He tried to crawl, but the wounds were too painful, and he collapsed on the ground.

Max was lonely and desperate, he cried out, but no one heard him. His owners knew nothing about the hedgehog attack, and Max couldn’t move to seek help. He could only lie there and wait for help.

As night fell, Max was still lying there, in pain and despair. He couldn’t sleep with the wounds causing so much pain. He hoped for help, but no one came. Max’s condition worsened, and he felt helpless and anxious.

The next morning, a passerby walking through the forest discovered Max lying there. They immediately called the animal rescue team, and Max was taken to the animal hospital. The veterinarian performed surgery and treated Max. After a long period of recovery, Max returned to his normal self and became a happy and active dog again.

Max’s story is a reminder of the care and attention that humans should show to animals. We must protect and help vulnerable creatures like Max, and not ignore our small efforts. A small action from you can change the life of a vulnerable animal. Always care and take care of the creatures around you.

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