The poor dog was left alone when he had many wounds and paralyzed his hind legs, making us heartbroken to see him like this

Once, this puppy was left alone after his hind legs had become fully paralyzed.

The poor dog was abandoned while in the body with many wounds and paralyzed hind legs -

He was callously abandoned by his owner on the side of the road, and now he struggles to move using only his knees, which proves to be incredibly challenging.

We administered sea water to him in order to restore his vitality. We assisted him in regaining strength. Instead of eating a full meal, he opted for a small snack.

The following day, we can proceed with the surgical procedure. His recovery was gradual but steady, and he started moving more easily.

He will remain at the veterinarian’s office for an extended period.

Following that, we will proceed to bring him to the refuge to continue managing his situation.

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