The poor dog was stuck in the hard wall for hours after being naughty and is helpless to ask for help in vain

There was a little dog named Max who was always curious and loved to explore. One sunny day, while playing in the backyard, Max accidentally ran into a concrete wall and got stuck in a narrow gap between two bricks. He struggled and cried for help, but no one could hear him.

As time passed by, Max became more and more helpless and desperate. His cries echoed lonely in the wall, as if no one knew he was trapped.

Fortunately, a boy passing by heard Max’s cries for help. He followed the sound and discovered Max trapped in the wall. The boy approached Max without hesitation and tried to rescue him from the dangerous situation.

After a long time of trying, the boy succeeded in freeing Max. The dog was saved and returned home. However, after the incident, Max became very scared and was no longer as curious as before.

However, the boy kept visiting Max regularly, and became a reliable companion for him. They went on exciting adventures and shared memorable moments together. Max learned a valuable lesson that being curious and mischievous is not always good, but luckily, there is always a companion ready to help and protect him.

From then on, the boy named Linda became a trustworthy companion of Max. The dog always accompanied her in every step and was dedicated to protecting her. A tragic incident brought Linda and Max together and made them true friends.

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