The poor dog was wrapped around his neck by a 15kg python, lying helplessly breathing his last quick breaths.ThuHa

A family in Florida, USA immediately called the rescue team when they discovered a rock python in their backyard. This hideous animal was tightly wrapped around the neck of their beloved dog named Duke.
Five minutes later, the rescue team showed up, but Duke was dead. Many people speculate the python may have come from the Tamiami Trail or Krome Avenue area, located southeast of Miami, which is home to many species of pythons and giant snakes.
The shocked homeowner recounted the moment he saw the python appear in the garden: “I have never seen anything so horrible in 10 years living in this area.”

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“When I discovered this monster was trying to squeeze the family dog, my son was about to use his bare hands to fight the python and save Duke but it was too big and terrible. Then my son ran into the barn to get a lawn mower, he tried to cut the python in half but the machine didn’t work,” the woman choked.
The Wildlife Conservation Society in California said it was more likely that this was a wild rock python than it was raised in the vicinity. “It is worth noting that rock pythons do not usually attack other species unless provoked. So watch out for small children and keep an eye on family pets,” the association’s representative warned.

trăn khổng lồ


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