The poor little dog was abandoned on the deserted street so hungry that exhausted collapsed in the heat up to 50 degrees, looking really too pitiful

Sun & Sage’s Aron performed a heartwarming rescue by saving a puppy in the temple region of Bali.

A compassionate woman discovered a distressed puppy in desperate need of help within the temple grounds of Bali. This poor creature was weak, exhausted, and had difficulty moving. Moreover, it displayed defensive behavior, trying to scare off anyone who approached. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the woman promptly contacted Aron, a member of Sun & Sage, a renowned animal rescue organization known for its unwavering dedication to saving vulnerable animals.

Aron wasted no time in responding to the call and rushed to the temple area. As he approached the puppy, he could see the weariness and fear in its eyes. The puppy’s frail condition made it almost impossible for him to stand, yet he bravely tried to protect himself from Aron’s approach. After some time, the puppy finally let down its guard and allowed Aron to comfort him.

Upon examining the puppy, Aron discovered that Barry, the adorable little pup, was suffering from both scabies, a fungal skin ailment, and parasites. Remarkably, despite his health challenges, Barry had a hearty appetite and managed to eat on his own. Without hesitation, Aron quickly transported Barry to the veterinary clinic, where he received the necessary medication for his recovery.

Barry’s resilience and determination make him a brave and lovable companion, eager for a chance at a fulfilling life. He consistently expresses his desire for sustenance and, ideally, a forever home that promises joy and contentment. Aron and the compassionate members of Sun & Sage are fully committed to using their resources and skills to facilitate Barry’s transformation towards a fresh start.

We express our admiration for Aron and his team’s altruistic efforts in saving animals in distress, like Barry. It is truly uplifting to witness the presence of heroes like Aron, who are willing to go above and beyond to rescue vulnerable creatures. Barry’s rescue serves as a poignant reminder that each of us should contribute to helping animals in need and strive towards building a more compassionate world for them.

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