The poor little dog was born with deformed legs, but his attitude to life makes everyone surprised and admired.ThuHa

Animal disability is often an underestimated issue, yet many dogs are born with special characteristics. What is evident, however, is that in the majority of cases anyone who wants to adopt a dog refuses to take charge of a specimen with more or less serious physical discomfort. In some cases, especially when you have no shortage of time, it may be understandable.

These animals, in fact, certainly require extra attention and care. However, one should always keep in mind that these creatures also deserve the affection and care of a human family. Either way, this trend causes dogs with disabilities to spend their lives within the structures of nonprofits . The volunteers of these organizations, on the other hand, as well as nurturing a great passion for the whole animal world, are prepared for any type of situation.

Thus, this dog born with a malformation in his front legs ended up in an NGO, precisely in the Saved Souls Foundation in Khon Kaen, Thailand. The little dog was born with a congenital problem that meant that his front legs did not grow in line with the front ones, but backwards. Thus, the little one has always used only his hind legs to move, and helps himself by crawling his chest on the ground.

The most important aspect of the story is that the little dog, despite his disability, has always had a vital and playful attitude . As the volunteers of the association point out, the puppy never realized how different he was, so he simply developed his own way of being in the world. Veterinarians have also advised against amputation of the front legs, given that the puppy’s movements are entirely functional to its daily activities.

To underline his tenacity and his tireless openness towards the world, the members of the organization gave the little dog the name Bin. In fact, Bin in Thai indicates the action of flying !


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