The poor little dog was heartlessly abandoned by the owner in a white paper box in the middle of a deserted road, breathing fast, looking extremely pitiful

There was a small and pitiful dog abandoned by its owner on a deserted road. The dog was left in a white paper box, extremely lonely and scared. Despite the hot weather, the dog was still breathing heavily, looking very pitiful.

A girl passing by the road saw the white box and curiously approached it, discovering the small dog inside. The girl took the dog out of the box and realized that it was very hungry and thirsty. She took the dog to a nearby pet store to buy food and water for it.

After being fed and taken care of, the small dog became gentle and affectionate. The girl decided to take the dog home and take care of it as a family member. She named the dog Lucky, because she felt very lucky to have found it.

Lucky became a member of the girl’s family and was loved and cared for as a close friend. Lucky was very smart and quickly became a companion to the girl in all activities.

One day, the girl took Lucky for a walk on the deserted road where it was abandoned. Lucky felt very familiar with this road and started running towards it. When they arrived, Lucky stood in front of the white box where the girl found it.

Lucky started making noise and knocked the white box down, then covered its eyes. The girl realized that there was another dog inside the box and quickly rescued it. The dog was also taken care of and became a member of the girl’s family.

From that moment on, Lucky and the newly found dog became close companions and both had a happy and safe life with the girl’s family. Lucky always remembered the girl’s kindness in saving it and helping it find a loving home.

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