The poor mother dog warmed her cubs until they froze to death in the middle of a blizzard, while the 7 puppies that refused to leave their mother made people even more heartbroken when they witnessed this touching scene

Russia, renowned for its frigid climate, stands as one of the coldest nations on Earth. In the northern regions, temperatures can plummet to as low as -55 or even -66 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, various parts of the country experience a temperature range of 0 to -40 degrees Celsius. In the face of such unforgiving and extreme cold, stray animals who fail to secure shelter are thrust into a daunting battle for survival.

Chó mẹ ủ ấm cho đàn con đến khi chết cóng giữa bão tuyết, 7 chú chó con quyết không rời mẹ lại càng khiến người ta đau lòng - Ảnh 1.

In the early hours of December 20th, a snow removal worker stumbled upon a heartwarming scene. A group of puppies huddled together, seeking warmth, their small bodies shivering and occasionally emitting soft whimpers. Nearby, the mother dog stood, displaying signs of distress as she rubbed her nose. Filled with concern, the worker cautiously approached and extended his hand to examine the mother dog. To his sorrow, he discovered that her body had stiffened, indicating her passing.

Chó mẹ ủ ấm cho đàn con đến khi chết cóng giữa bão tuyết, 7 chú chó con quyết không rời mẹ lại càng khiến người ta đau lòng - Ảnh 2.

Fortunately, the blizzard was relatively minor and didn’t cause significant damage. However, it took the rescue team nearly 48 hours to locate all the puppies.

Upon closer inspection, they noticed a red collar around the mother dog’s neck, suggesting she might have had an owner. Whether she was abandoned or merely lost remains unclear. Tragically, the mother dog succumbed to starvation, exhaustion, and ultimately froze to death.

Though they couldn’t save the mother dog, the rescue team, with the help of a compassionate individual, managed to transport seven puppies to the local animal rescue station. Thanks to intensive care in the subsequent days, the puppies made a remarkable recovery and are now gearing up to celebrate Christmas alongside their fellow canines at the rescue station. Here are some heartwarming images of the puppies being affectionately adorned by the rescue station staff in preparation for the festive season.

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