The poor mother dog’s resilience in her determination to save her cubs from hardship and hunger moved us.ThuHa

The mother dog exerted effort for an extended period of time to keep her puppies well-fed and alive. However, she eventually reached the point where she could no longer sustain their nourishment.

The mother, who had suffered injuries or had a tumor in her genital area, was given food for herself and her babies to regain her strength, but she remained fearful of humans. The rescuers, catchers, and veterinarian were called upon to provide aid.

Despite the challenges they faced, they eventually accomplished their mission. It took them a full three hours to catch them, but thankfully the girl managed to embrace the flea-covered babies and transport them safely in her car.




The lady seems excited to witness the transformation of these dogs as they have matured. As shown in the video, it is evident that they are enjoying themselves under the watchful eye of their caretaker.




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