The poor old dog is in critical condition, extremely emaciated, with untreated chronic dermatitis bleeding, looking extremely pitiful

A neglected dog was rescued from a car workshop in Jelenia Góra by inspectors after receiving a report from a public official. The teenage-year-old dog was in critical condition, extremely emaciated, with chronic untreated dermatitis that was oozing blood. Additionally, the dog had a damaged front paw that he could not stand on due to severe pain. The inspectors found the dog’s food bowls empty, and the owner of the workshop claimed that the feed had run out the previous day. The dog pounced on the food given by the inspectors with great appetite and swallowed it without biting.

After the civic intervention of a resident of Jelenia Góra, the owner of the workshop locked the dog indoors, who was still dying outside on Saturday. When the woman asked why the dog was in such bad shape, the surly owner replied with insolence, “you don’t give a shit”. The owner of the workshop was arrogant and did not see the problem, claiming that the animal was old and sick, and therefore it was supposed to be euthanized that day without examination or diagnostics by a veterinarian with no qualifications.

The dog was rescued and received in administrative mode, and is currently undergoing diagnosis and treatment. The veterinarians estimated that the dog had been extremely neglected for at least several months. The inspectors fought for the dog’s life and filed a notification of suspicion of committing a crime of abusing a dog against the perpetrators, which may be punishable by imprisonment for up to 3 years.

The condition of the animal is critical, and the veterinarian is doing everything possible to save him. The dog is being treated for dermatitis and a damaged paw, and his blood work shows that he has progressive anemia, which can be a result of not being fed for a long time, and his kidneys are in terrible condition. The lack of access to water is believed to have caused this, as the level of urea and creatinine exceeded 500%. The dog must be rinsed with a large number of drips for the next few days. The prognosis is cautious, as the kidneys may refuse to cooperate, and the veterinarians are waiting for the results of the implemented treatment.

It is heartbreaking to see an innocent animal suffer so much due to human cruelty and neglect. It is our responsibility to protect animals and ensure their well-being, and such acts of cruelty towards them should not be taken lightly. We must stand against these perpetrators and fight for justice for these animals.

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