The pregnant dog mother desperately hid in a dilapidated warehouse, not thinking she could survive after enduring all this torture and pain.ThuHa

An aunt contacted the Bro Long Stray Dogs Shelter and said that her neighbor wanted to sell the dog to the kennel. She felt it was too cruel and contacted them.

They hurried over after learning about the location. The dog appears to be aware that he would be sold to a dog meat business and has been digging a hole with his claws to know himself. They inquired about the dog’s details from the owner. The dog is rather elderly, yet she is still pregnant.

Their children purchased the dog. Because the children must work, they commit the dog to them; however, they must also work and have no time to care for the dog, so they are willing to sell the dog.

After a long time with the dog’s owner, the rescuers were able to take the dog.

The dog seemed to know that she had been rescued, and she joyfully approached the rescuers, tail wagging.

Because the dog returned on the first day, he cannot be with other dogs for the time being. Examine the dog for the canine distemper virus.

We hope that she may safely give birth to dogs.

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