The pregnant dog tried to get into the tight space below the cage and got stuck inside, hoping for a miracle to come to him right now.ThuHa

Meet Pumpkin, a pregnant dog mamma who was rescued from a life on the streets – and recently needed to be saved again when she got stuck under a shed at the Hawkins County Humane Society. When the rescue’s staff wasn’t looking, the doggie with a baby bump managed to crawl under the narrow space beneath the storage house and got trapped in.

“I open the back door and call for her and her head pops out from underneath!” shelter staffer Kennedy Margetjak told The Dodo. “I knew something is wrong because she wouldn’t even come for treats! I walk out and her pregnant self is wedged underneath the shed and is struggling to get out but just can’t.”

At first the staff tried to help Pumpkin with a gentle tug, but she was too pregnant for it to work. Then they turned to the shelter’s handyman Joey Arnold who used a jack to successfully free Pumpkin. The doggie came out without any injuries, and boy was she grateful!

Now the shelter is working on finding Pumpkin loving owners who would provide a safe space for the canine to deliver her babies. At least she and her pups are in safe hands.

Meet Pumpkin the doggie who recently got herself into trouble…

She got stuck under a shed.  The doggie managed to crawl under the narrow space beneath

Thankfully, the shelter’s handyman used a jack to successfully free Pumpkin

She was so grateful, and it turned out she had a pregnant belly full of rescued puppies!

Watch the video here:

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