The scene was heartbreaking: The poor dog endured the cruel abuse with his body covered with bullet holes.ThuHa

It’s disheartening to know that some individuals are unfit to possess or even come near animals. Hayden Howard recounts an incident from a few years back when she noticed something off about her dog. Jackson, her English Mastiff, was frolicking in the backyard while she was inside. Upon calling him indoors, it seemed like he had sustained a bug bite. However, upon closer inspection, she discovered the horrid truth – Jackson was stuck in a gunshot wound.

Hayden was in disbelief and didn’t know how to react when she discovered that Jackson had been shot. She immediately took him to the vet, who discovered multiple small bullets from a BB gun embedded in various parts of his body. The bullets were so numerous that the vet had to shave off most of Jackson’s fur to remove them all, with a total of 27 taken out. However, due to the extent of the damage, 20 bullets had to be left in place.

Furthermore, the veterinarian discovered an additional 20 bullet wounds on Jackson’s petite frame, bringing the total number of gunshot wounds to over 70. Assistant Superintendent of Police Seymour Craig Hayes expressed his dismay at the situation, stating that he had never witnessed such excessive violence towards an animal and that it was a tragic sight to behold.

I can’t comprehend why someone would put a harmless dog in danger by shooting it. It’s outrageous! Apparently, the bullets were fired from a nearby yard and the authorities are keeping an eye on the suspect. The police took no time in discovering the weapon and the bullets concealed in a neighbor’s residence. Besides the BB gun and ammunition, the cops also found drugs and drug utensils in his place.

I wish for the culprit to receive a lengthy jail term and face the consequences of their actions. I sincerely believe that they will forever be barred from interacting with any animal once released. Hayden reports that Jackson is on the road to recovery, despite the severity of the injury. It should be noted that BB guns and pellet guns are not mere playthings or imitation firearms as some media outlets portray them. These weapons can inflict significant harm when in the wrong hands.

It is crucial to distinguish between a BB gun or a bullet gun when they are used to commit a crime. They are actual firearms, and those who use them to harm innocent individuals should be held accountable as such. My sincere wish is for Jackson to recover fully and resume his joyful playtime in his backyard.

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