The touching story of poor dogs rescued from extreme neglect and abuse

Dog in ruined shed

On Thursday, September 16, the ASPCA assisted the Caruthersville Police Department with the rescue of 20 animals from filthy, unsafe conditions in southeast Missouri.

Dogs in filthy bathroom

We are providing support with operational planning and animal removal, evidence collection, legal assistance, forensics exams, medical and behavioral care, and sheltering for the dogs.

Dogs in feces-covered bathroom

Most of the dogs were found closed off in an 80 degree, six-by-eight-foot bathroom that was covered in feces and urine and had dangerous levels of ammonia.

Dog being examined

Many of the dogs were underweight and some were suffering from untreated medical issues, including several with flea infestations, as well as at least one dog with an eye infection, one with a suspected untreated foot fracture, and one with a fractured tooth.

Dog being given medical exam

The ASPCA’s subject matter experts are helping the local authorities to collect evidence to support their investigation.


The Caruthersville Humane Society is also assisting with this case by providing field assistance as well as sheltering for the cat.

ASPCA disaster response transport

The dogs were relocated to an emergency shelter operated by the ASPCA at an undisclosed location.

Dog being helped

In the care of the ASPCA, these dogs will receive the medical treatment and behavioral work they need to aid in their recovery and prepare them for adoption.

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