The warm love of a beautiful dog for his newborn brother, inspires everyone.ThuHa

Can see in the video that Olive reacts to Ian’s cries with concern. She would rush to his side and sniff his face or rear end, just like a mother dog checking on the health of her pups. It’s clear that Olive has taken on the role of a loving and protective older sister to Baby Ian.

Despite being spoiled and used to being the center of attention in the family, Olive has adjusted well to the new addition of a baby brother. She shows her affection by laying next to him, playing with him, and even sharing her toys with him. It’s heartwarming to see how Olive has embraced Ian as a part of her pack and treats him with care and gentleness.

One of the most adorable moments captured in the video is when Olive mimics her owner’s actions during tummy time. She watches attentively and seems to try to engage Ian in play, although she often ends up playing with his feet and getting kicked. Nevertheless, Olive doesn’t seem bothered at all and continues to stay close to Ian, providing companionship and entertainment for him.

Olive’s dedication to being Ian’s companion doesn’t stop at playtime. She also keeps him company during naps, staying by his side and making sure he is safe and comfortable. Her motherly instincts kick in as she checks his surroundings and ensures that he is okay.

As the video comes to an end, it’s evident that Olive has formed a special bond with Baby Ian. She has learned to love and care for her human baby brother, and her affectionate gestures are a testament to the unconditional love that dogs are known for. Olive’s transition from being the only fur baby in the family to becoming a doting sibling to Ian is heartwarming and shows the incredible capacity of animals to adapt and shower love on those around them.

In conclusion, Olive’s story is a heartwarming example of how pets can learn to love and accept new additions to the family. Despite initial challenges in adjusting to the new normal with a newborn, Olive has proven to be a loving and caring companion to Baby Ian. Her gestures of laying next to him, playing with him, and reacting to his cries are all signs of her deep affection for her baby brother. Olive’s story is a beautiful reminder of the special bond between pets and humans and how they can bring joy and unconditional love into our lives.

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