They Felt Nothing But pain As They Lived With Cables Cutting Into Their Necks

Ratty and Batty were found living in appalling circumstances, devoid of any shelter, sustenance, or hydration. To compound the misery, they bore the scars of cables and ropes that had dug into their necks, inflicting severe agony. The community corroborated that the duo had been left permanently chained outside and neglected by their callous owners.

Fortunately, Sidewalk Specials came to their rescue and took them to the vet for medical attention. Despite being frightened, the dogs’ hunger overpowered their anxiety and the rescuers were able to coax them with food, gaining their trust. They immediately removed the cables and ropes, which likely brought them a great deal of relief.

Upon arrival at the veterinarian’s office, Ratty and Batty underwent a thorough examination which resulted in a diagnosis of tick bite fever, poor nutrition, mange, and anemia. Additionally, it was discovered that Batty had an old break in his back leg that had unfortunately gone untreated for over a year, necessitating an amputation. Both Ratty and Batty, believed to be approximately two years old, are currently seeking their forever homes.

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