This $500K Pimped Up DeLorean Time Machine Is What Geeks Dreams Are Made Of!!

It’s been 30 years since the first Back to the Future movie has been launched, and that incredible DeLorean time machine made us daydream ever since. Lets face it, when the movie first came out it was every young boys (and adults) dream car.

In West Coast Customs fashion, this particularly DeLorean goes all out in all aspects!

Rapper 2 Chainz wanted only to visit the popular luxury auto company in order to see its one-of-a-kind rides. He found right what he was searching for – really unique DeLorean that costs $500,000. The way this DeLorean really stands out over the others is in its astronomical price tag!!

2 Chainz claimed that he found the best thing that he has ever seen – a dope bumper at the West Coast Customs. 2 Chainz completely fell in love with this ride, after being impressed by other outrageous projects of the tuning shop.

This ridiculously expensive car is modified to the max. West Coast Custom’s CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus explains to 2 Chainz that they pretty much “remade” it, widening the whole vehicle eight inches, putting in Back to the Future brake lights, and replacing the crappy go-kart engine with a proper one, a powerful Corvette one.
I guess this proves it: if you can dream it, these guys will definitely build it – if you can pay the right price, of course.

This car is full of technologies and gadgets, and you can check out every detail in the following video. BTW… Gotta love 2 Chains huge chain!

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