This Instagram Account Posts Photos Of Cats In Shops Looking Like They Own The Place, And Here Are Some Of The Best Ones


Cats are nothing if not confident. They have the power to step into any room and look like they own not only it but everyone in it. They have no problem ᴛᴀᴋɪɴɢ ᴜᴘ space, claiming things as their own, and generally just looking like they’re the boss of everyone around them.

These grocery store cats are clearly in charge… at least in their own minds. It isn’t uncommon to see cats in grocery stores, and there are even cat cafes that have been gaining in popularity.

Actually, please don’t sᴛᴇᴀʟ a grocery store cat if you see one. Ask the owner of the store if they’re available for adoption first! In fact, many cat cafes feature cats who are available for adoption and exist specifically to give you the chance to interact with them.

A hilarious and adorable Instagram page called bodegacatsofinstagram is now collecting pictures of cats living in Nᴇᴡ Yᴏʀᴋ Bodegas and looking like they’re the ones in charge. These confident kittens present themselves as tough, competent, hardworking shop owners and they are a delight to watch.












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