This poor dog was found by a kind man lying on the side of the road, his body extremely hungry and full of fleas.ThuHa

This is a Dharma’s pathetic tale. This poor puppy was found by a compassionate guy lying down by the side of the road, unable to walk, hungry, weak, filthy, and covered in fleas.

This puppy was saved by RRSA India. He had endured much suffering, was in a frightening situation, and without any hope. His name was Dharma. His fur was infested with fleas and grime, so the nice guy took him to the doctor. Thankfully, no fractures were discovered.

Dharma had an abnorm ality in one of his limbs. Dharma was unable to move his legs to walk. He used to drag his body from place to place due to a number of factors, such as trauma, accidents, and heredity.

Dharma required long-term care to recover. Dharma, who was the saddest person due to his condition, had to stay in the hospital for more medical care. He repeatedly shouted in pain and at first feared the water. However, I rapidly got used to it.

He wasn’t a rare breed, had a lot of sand and grime on him, but he deserved to be cherished. Dharma, on the other hand, never had trouble trying to walk again despite the fact that his medical care was still in its early stages and he was pitiful and in pain. Dharma need assistance with feeding when he got to the shelter.

As part of his treatment, he also got daily oral drugs and supplements. He had incredible bravery while receiving treatment. After two weeks of therapy, Dharma was finally able to stand by himself, and he was aware that he was at a lovely sanctuary. He was still unable to walk.

Dharma was receiving therapy every day, and he was gaining strength every day. With effective medicine, excellent foster care, and a plethora of pity-seekers… He felt more secure and healthier.

We are grateful to everyone who helped save his life and guarantee that he will have a happy, long life

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