This poor dog was taught a lesson he will never forget and the emotional story behind it makes us ponder.ThuHa

According to Paws Paws a lady phoned them about a mistreated puppy. Her voice choked with emotion as she told them about her neighbor’s puppy.

She had just acquired the cute little thing  was shocked to discover it severely injured when she walked over to say hello.

With further investigation a neighbor disclosed a stunning reality. The puppy had stolen food of vegetable and in a fit of rage in a fit of anger he had inserted a metal needle into the side one’s jaw.

“The mere notion of it made our blood boil and we knew we had to take the action immediately.”

Foreign y’s house and there it was the defenseless little puppy laying on the floor howling in misery. That was a sight that devastated hearts.

They scooped up the young one and transported it back to our shelter. It was a touch and go for a while but with much of love care and attention the puppy slowly began to heal.

Days progressed into weeks and the previously injured puppy had blossomed into a healthy lively canine who was full of life. The metamorphosis was wonderful to witness.

It was a pleasant experience to see the puppy Blossom under care but it was also a heartbreaking reminder of the abuse that animals  \scan undergo at the hands of people.

It’s hard to understand how somebody could injure a defenseless  creature , much alone a little little puppy.

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