Timely rescue the poor dog covered by millions of giant ticks causing his body to collapse in the middle of a deserted road

Meet Valentino! He lay despondently on the street, in a dire state. Abandoned in a remote corner of Maracaibo, he was left to perish, plagued by countless colossal ticks that relentlessly infested and assailed him.

He has a grim perspective; he is seriously ill, his mucous membranes are extremely pallid, and the number of ticks on him is astounding.

Valentino will remain at the clinic for an extended period until his values stabilize and he can achieve a more tranquil lifestyle. Whenever he walks, he experiences rapid fatigue, disorientation, and exhaustion.

According to Alicia Jiménez, witnessing his evident recovery brings us great happiness. However, we cannot help but feel immense anguish, anger, and helplessness when we consider how he was left to perish alone in that corner.

One week later, Valentino triumphed over adversity.

Alicia Jiméne said that he was sitting alone near my husband @juls aleman, yearning for his affection. Eventually, he began to unwind and settled down beneath him.

We strongly condemn the harm and torture inflicted on this individual. We demand justice and the complete enforcement of the law for the person responsible for subjecting them to such cruelty and abandoning them with the intent to cause their death.

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