Touching image showing the love between two dogs as they secretly reunite every day.ThuHa

Lola and her mother, Amber Monte, moved into their new home outdoors of Surrey, England, not too long ago. The Golden Retriever had by no means lived by every other canines earlier than, however Loki the Staffordshire Terrier was the primary to greet them.

A fence separated the 2 canines, however that wouldn’t cease them from attending to know one another. If Loki was outdoors, he’d leap to look over the fence and see if Lola was there. And Lola cherished the corporate of one other canine!


Lola is a shy and timid canine who can simply get scared round large canines whereas out on walks, so it was type of a shock to her mother that she was taking to Loki the best way she was. After which Lola began spending her days by the again door whining to go outdoors with Loki!

When Mother lets her out, the very first thing the canine will do is leap on the fence to see if Loki is out. If he’s not, Lola waits proper by the fence! Generally the house owners will come out to see Loki in Lola’s yard the place they’re taking part in collectively. 🙂

The 2 canines are inseparable — you would even say they’re in love! Fortunately, the house owners of each canines are very understanding of this relationship. It’s like one thing straight out of a fairy story!

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