Transformation Is Incredible Kind people saved a poor dying dog and her transformation is as amazing as a miracle before this horrible situation

On Christmas Eve, kind people found this infection-ridden pup

Soon after, she was taken in by Lauren, who then decided to devote herself to the recovery of this poor dog

Her condition was terrible and as her rescuers described it, she stunk and bled all over the couch

Demodectic mange, or demodex, is caused by a cigar-shaped mite, Demodex canis. They are a normal part of the skin flora, always present, and usually harmless. Mom dogs pass them on to their pups in the first few days after giving birth, but it is not contagious to humans. The mites take up residence deep in hair follicles and stay there, causing no harm. A normal immune system keeps their numbers in check.

However, in a dog with a weakened immune system, they can grow out of control.

If the disease spreads to many areas of the body, the condition is called generalized demodectic mange. It’s really severe and can be life-threatening if not treated properly.

After the vet’s inspection, she was diagnosed with demodectic mange and secondary infections

If urgent treatment wasn’t received, Lainey would have met a sad ending.

Buckley did everything in her power to create the absolute best conditions for the pup to recover. “We had her for four months,” she said. “She took daily antibiotics and ivermectin for the full four months. In addition, we gave her coconut oil in her food, applied it to her skin, and gave her twice-weekly medicated baths. We also did our best to keep her stress level low since demodex thrives on stress.”

Now she was given a name – Lainey, and Lainey knew she’s not alone anymore in this fight

But life had more in store for the courageous girl

She received the necessary attention, care, and love

Which helped her regain her true looks and start again as the beautiful dog she actually is

When Lainey got better, a good friend of Buckley who saved her first dog from the euthanasia shelter adopted her. “It feels [like a] full circle,” Buckley said. “She and her husband are incredible, kindhearted people who were smitten with Lainey from the get-go. We could not have asked for a better family for her.”

Lainey’s foster mom also wanted to use the opportunity and thank Brown Dog Coalition out of Hopkinton, MA. “They are the rescue who paid for all her vetting and answered my call when we took Lainey in on Christmas Eve. They save countless dogs who need major medical care and this wouldn’t have been possible without them.”

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