Twin-Turbo 2006 Ford GT Hit 293.6 Mph – Sets a Standing-Mile Record

The Ford GT from M2K Motorsports does it again, this time with an eye-watering, stunning run of 293.6 MPH at The Texas Mile.

If you thought cars such as the new Bugatti Chiron were fast, wait until you see this “old” Ford GT from M2K Motorsports get within spitting distance of nearly 300 mph.

To put that into perspective, planes such as the Airbus C295 or the Cessna 421 have a 300 mph cruising speed, and so does this heavily modified Ford GT that just broke the standing-mile world record for Ford GT and set a new Texas Mile record. If they put a pair of wings on this thing, I believe it would literally fly. 200 mph is supercar territory. Running to nearly 300 mph puts it in NHRA dragster territory.

amounts of air by a pair of massive turbochargers running at 45 psi of boost and methanol as fuel. What started as a stock GT with a 5.4-liter supercharged V8 and 550hp has Frankensteined into a top speed dynamo with approximately 2,500 horsepower.

Apparently the upgrades paid off! All that power makes for one insane sprint. M2K Motorsports takes home the standing mile record for now, but you can be sure someone is hungry for that 300 mph marker.

Ford has a new GT on sale this year with a $450,000 price tag, a 657 hp twin-turbocharged V6, a 216 mph top speed and a racing pedigree that already includes wins at the Le Mans and Daytona 24 hour races. So should we expect to see it chasing speed records, too?

Watch the videos below to see the modified 2006 Ford GT set a new standing mile world record.

The cockpit view:

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