Uncared for and ridiculed: The painful journey of an overweight stray dog trying to overcome all odds.ThuHa

At the age of 9, this poor dog fell victim to an unhealthy diet, gradually spiraling into worrying morbid obesity. Unfortunately, no one seemed to care about her well-being.


Weighing approximately 40 kilos, she became a spectacle for the locals, earning the nickname “ball dog.” However, the laughter and attention she received did nothing to alleviate her pain.

Bolinha, as she was named, longed for love amidst the mockery she endured. But her health deteriorated rapidly, leading her to seek refuge in a junkyard, where she lay motionless, heartbroken.


Thankfully, a group of compassionate animal activists from a neighboring town discovered her and decided to intervene. They found her amidst the rubble, unable to walk and struggling to breathe.


Bolinha experienced her first bath, a moment she relished, finally feeling protected and nourished by the affection shown to her. Her hunger was not for food, but for love and care.

Though she was making progress, her weight had to be regulated to ensure her long-term health. The dedicated team caring for her faced the challenge head-on, incorporating daily exercise to relieve the stress on her joints.


It was a slow process, but one filled with determination. With a new diet, regular exercise, and an abundance of love, Bolinha has already shed more than 15 kilos since her rescue, greatly improving her overall well-being.


In the days to come, the goal is to shed an additional 15 kilos, reaching her desired weight for optimal physical condition. Her transformation is nothing short of remarkable, a testament to her unwavering spirit and the unwavering support of her rescuers.

Today, Bolinha is a happy and affectionate dog, radiating joy at every moment. And the best part? She will soon be adopted by one of the very activists who saved her, ensuring she spends her golden years in a loving home, free from the laughter and neglect she once endured.


This is a story that fills us with both outrage and sadness for its challenging beginnings, but ultimately inspires us with its heartwarming conclusion. Let it serve as a reminder for humans to be attentive to the nutrition and well-being of our furry companions. They deserve our care and protection.

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