Unforgivable act of abandoning this dog.ThaiNga

There are stories that stick with you. Meetings that move you particularly and make you understand how faithful four-legged friends deserve to be treated in the best way. A rescuer found this little dog in the middle of the road, homeless. Without hesitating for an instant, she handed her over to the expert care of the veterinarian, who experienced mixed emotions.

On the one hand, he had a strong compassion for the little girl. On the other hand, he harbored anger towards the previous owner , guilty of abandoning her. Skin and bones, the woman could not make sense of her as if he was disinterested up to that point.

The horrific treatment of the dog leaves even the vets appalled

Dog in the emergency room

The doctor realized she had to get her nerves under control. If she let negative emotions take over, then she would only hurt him. From subsequent tests she detected parvovirus in the dog , a disease to be treated as soon as possible. She, together with her collaborators, took him to the operating room and subjected him to surgery. Unfortunately, too much time had passed and Hazelnut was unresponsive to electrical stimulation .

Puppy plays

To alleviate the pain in the long term, acupuncture was necessary , combined with physiotherapy sessions and a correct diet. Still Hazelnut was unable to walk without a stroller. Yet, in the dog she beat the heart of a champion and eventually progress came.

To help her move her legs , they prescribed swimming sessions and encouraged her when she got a satisfactory result. By now Hazelnut had put on weight and she and other disabled dogs had formed some good bonds. They strengthened each other and, to crown the hard work, the “ball of fur” returned to full shape . The tenacity in resisting blow for blow allowed him to overcome obstacles that seemed too great.

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