Unnoticed and ridiculed: The painful journey of poor overweight stray dog ​​who can only helplessly hide in a corner

This unfortunate dog succumbed to an unhealthy diet at the tender age of 9, leading to a distressing state of morbid obesity. Regrettably, her well-being seemed to be of little concern to anyone.


Despite weighing around 40 kilos, she became a source of amusement among the locals and was dubbed “ball dog.” Nevertheless, the laughter and attention she garnered did not provide any relief from her suffering.

Bolinha, nicknamed as such, yearned for affection amid the derision she faced. Nonetheless, her physical well-being declined swiftly, compelling her to seek solace in a scrapyard, where she remained motionless, consumed by sorrow.


Luckily, a compassionate group of animal activists from a nearby town came across her and made a decision to step in. They located her amidst the debris, with her inability to walk and labored breathing.


Bolinha had her inaugural bath, an occasion she savored, as she finally felt shielded and nurtured by the love and care bestowed upon her. Her appetite was not for sustenance, but for affection and tenderness.

Despite the progress she was making, it was necessary to regulate her weight in order to safeguard her long-term health. The committed team responsible for her care courageously confronted this challenge by introducing daily exercise routines to alleviate the strain on her joints.


Bolinha’s journey towards transformation was a gradual one, yet marked by unwavering resolve. Through adopting a new diet, committing to regular exercise, and receiving an abundance of love, Bolinha has already managed to lose over 15 kilos since her rescue, resulting in a significant enhancement of her overall well-being.


Bolinha’s journey towards better health and well-being was a gradual one, driven by unwavering determination. Through adopting a new diet, maintaining a consistent exercise routine, and being showered with abundant love, Bolinha has already managed to lose over 15 kilos since her rescue, significantly enhancing her overall state of being.

Over the upcoming days, her aim is to lose an extra 15 kilos, ultimately achieving her desired weight for peak physical fitness. Her remarkable journey serves as proof of her relentless determination and the unwavering assistance from those who came to her aid.

Today, Bolinha is a joyful and loving dog, exuding happiness with every passing second. And the most amazing aspect? She is on the verge of being adopted by one of the compassionate activists who rescued her, guaranteeing that she will spend her golden years in a caring and nurturing environment, devoid of the mistreatment and indifference she once suffered.


This story evokes a mix of outrage and sadness due to its difficult start, but ultimately leaves us feeling inspired by its heartwarming ending. It serves as a reminder for us humans to be mindful of the nutrition and overall well-being of our beloved furry companions. They truly deserve our love, care, and protection.

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