Unwavering Loyalty and Unlimited Devotion of Dog to Child Touches the Hearts of Millions

When Drax was only 8 weeks old, his family got a Cane Corso named Drax. At the same time, his mother discovered she was pregnant. Over time, as her belly grew bigger, Drax began to spend more time with his mother.

B1 125 pound dog helps baby become an early walker

Drax would sit on his mother’s lap and lie down belly-up, always being very gentle with her. When she gave birth to a baby, Drax would observe the new family member from a distance. The mother focused on early socialization and desensitization.

Drax loved being by the little baby’s side all the time. His favorite pastime was watching every move the baby made. The new parents tried to teach their child how to roll over, but Drax would roll over to show the baby how to do it.

B2 125 pound dog helps baby become an early walker

Drax used to be right next to the baby whenever they hung and jumped with their little onesie. Soon, they became inseparable. Drax reached his full size when the baby was one year old, and the little one learned to walk earlier than expected, thanks to the motivation from their friend. The baby tried to keep up with Drax.

Although Drax was a giant, he always considered himself a little lap dog. On his birthday, the child received a ball pit where they used to play with Drax. The baby would fill Drax’s mouth with plastic balls, some of which got destroyed.

B3 125 pound dog helps baby become an early walker

The family used to visit the park where Drax would always go crazy, sliding through the tubes, thinking the park was made just for him. Then, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus visited the baby and Drax during the baby’s first Christmas. The dog was very excited to meet the couple and was more enthusiastic about Santa Claus than the baby.

Drax changed his mother’s opinion about the beauty of dogs. He began to believe that a child could learn a lot from them. Together, they grew up and became the best of friends.

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