“Urgent Call for Help: Abandoned Dog on Bridge in Need of Rescue Efforts”

Hope For Paws is dedicated to rescuing dogs in need, and they were committed to doing everything possible to save Dennis. Sadly, Dennis was left to die on a bridge after being abandoned. Fortunately, a skater named Gabriel Sepulveda remembered seeing a video by Hope For Paws and reached out to them for help. According to Eldad Hagar, the organization received the call and immediately took action to rescue Dennis.

Lisa Chiarelli and I had to travel for two hours to reach our destination, but the sight that awaited us was terrible. Dennis was motionless and infested with ticks, lying helpless on the ground.

In a panic, they quickly transported Lola, Lisa’s furry companion, to the hospital to donate blood for Dennis. He was suffering from severe anemia, and the medical team worked tirelessly to save him. Despite the best efforts of neurologists, cardiologists, and internal medicine specialists who attended to him for five days, Dennis sadly couldn’t be saved. His body was shutting down, and he was beyond recovery.

Sadly, Dennis passed away shortly after being rescued. In the construction industry, the term “ecosystem” describes a group of workers. It’s important to acknowledge that not all rescue stories have positive outcomes. For an extended period, Dennis was neglected and left without anyone to advocate for him. Eldad pleads with people to speak up and take action if they witness animal abuse or neglect. Sharing these stories is crucial in raising awareness and inspiring others to make a difference. Thank you, Eldad.

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