We can’t help but admire the special bond between dogs and cats, an inseparable friendship.ThuHa

Dog And Cat Become Besties Friend Can’t Separate
Do you think that two animals of two different species cannot be friends? Dogs and cats have long been known as two species that are incompatible. They have a few behavioral differences that make it difficult to be friends. However, there are rare, special cases where cats and dogs can get along. And Henry and Baloo’s friendship will prove it.

The two inseparable companions were obviously meant to meet each other, go any where together.Little did people know, both of them were adopted from animal shelters. Henry was the first one to join Cynthia and Andre on hiking trips as they adopted him back in 2014, when the little puppy was only over three months old. The couple was looking for a strong, lively and energetic buddy to take part in their adventures, and Henry was a perfect fit.

“Our story really began when we adopted Henry, formally known as Buttercup, when he was just 3.5 months old,” Cynthia shared on their website Our Wild Tails. “He convinced us to take him home within seconds, when he crawled into my lap going belly up right away. We took Henry on his very first hike that week and immediately he scaled the steepest rock to get a better view.”

In 2017, the small family welcomed their new child Baloo. Things were not easy at first.

“As I walked into his room, he was the first out of his litter to jump off the chair and run up to me, begging to be picked up. During the hour I spent getting to know him we played, snuggled, and bonded. He was absolutely perfect for our family. I adopted Baloo that day and as I walked out of the room to fill out the paperwork, I turned around to see Baloo standing up on the glass door staring out at me.” Cynthia wrote about Baloo

Cynthia was a little nervous about how Henry would react in front of his new friend, and it turned out there was absolutely nothing to worry about. They love each other more and more after each trip, and their impressive friendship definitely won’t just stop there!

The lovely four-legged hikers have been travelling alongside their owners Cynthia Bennett and Andre Sibilsky for several years so far, and their adventurous trips are all fascinating and memorable.

Baloo helps calm Henry’s separation anxiety, while Henry offers Baloo his back to rest on whenever the cat’s tired during long journeys. The two love doing everything together, and the moments they share are simply extraordinary.

Thankfully Henry and Baloo’s mom Cynthia is a professional photographer so even when we’re not there to witness their beautiful moments with our own eyes, we could just sit still and admire their stunning photos on the internet. The Instagram account of the striking cuties has gained over 2 million followers, making them two huge stars on social networks.

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