What are we seeing, the poor dog is stuck with his head in the stone wall, helpless in pain crying for help in vain.ThuHa

MANTECA (CBS13) – A curious canine found out the hard way that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

“I started calling her outside and she never came,” said Kerri Foust of Manteca.

Her dog, Luna, may be happy and free now, but Tuesday was a rough one.

“I thought she got out or chased a cat over the fence,” Foust said. “I kept calling and I see her tail wag, like in a bush.”

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She still wasn’t coming. When Foust got closer, she saw Luna’s head was stuck in the wall.

“She was getting scared and there was no way her head was coming out of that hole,” Foust said. “I tried to put soap and water around her neck, but that didn’t work either.”

So she called 911, fearing Luna had been holed up for hours.

“We’ve had very much the traditional cat stuck in a tree. We have had ducklings stuck in sewer drains,” said Firefighter Joshua Burke.

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To the rescue came the crews from the Lathrop Manteca Fire District, soon they would encounter this strange tale.

“Of course with the tones go off you think, well that’s different,” said another firefighter.

“We get every kind of call you can possibly imagine and all the ones that you’re never going to think of,” Burke said.

Luckily they didn’t have to use the paws of life to free the pup, just a metal bar and a strong arm.

“Butted it up against the concrete as Burke was holding it and then I struck it with a sledgehammer,” showed one firefighter.

“It actually came together quite easily,” said Captain Michael Newman.

“10 minutes or 12 minutes total,” one said.

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Luna’s neck may be in pain, but nothing compared to her face of shame now shared all across social media.

“Yeah it was a lot,” Foust said.

Also, a lot of thanks to the firefighters who rescued this rescue pup for the Manteca family.

“It was a really good outcome and the fire department came together, they are amazing,” she said.

As for it happening again?

“The wall is coming out,” Foust laughed.

To paraphrase the song, all in all it wasn’t just another Brick in the Wall, it was a dog.

The family took Luna to the vet and she’s going to be just fine.

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