What Happens When Two Grannies Drive One Expensive Lamborghini

Nice Car, Lucky Grannies, Funny Video!

Ever wonder how your grandma would do behind the wheel of a 650 horsepower Lamborghini Murcielago? Two Los Angeles gray-haired grannies didn’t do so bad – once they safely got it out of the driveway.

From the poor visibility to the automated manual transmission and even the V12 heart, this Murcie is one of the last vehicles you’d like to use for urban tasks. The ladies have an initial problem – they are almost running into a garage before the trip even began because they couldn’t find the reverse, but they eventually hit the road with Peggy behind the wheel and Audrey riding shotgun.

You have to love these gals. They roll the windows down to wave at everyone on the street and yell to them, “We’re Lamborghini queens!” Their happiness is infectious, and people clearly are excited but a little confused to see two older women in a mean looking supercar.

A quick trip to a grocery store reveals one of the Muricelago’s biggest downfalls for daily driving – its lack of trunk space. A man even asks for a ride in the store parking lot, to which these two respond with, “If there’s no room for the groceries, there’s no room for you.”

Perhaps the best part is when Linden describes the trip in a way deserving of its own T-shirt: “We could tear rubber, but that car ahead of us is just going too damn slow.”
You go, girl.

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