While taking a stroll, her dog suddenly halted and fixated on an unfamiliar package sitting on a bench in the park

Koda, the pup, and her owner were out for a walk one day when as they strolled by Fearless Kitty Rescue shelter when Koda stopped in her tracks!

Something had clearly piqued her curiosity because she then leads her owner toward a strange-looking package sitting on the donation bench at the entrance to the shelter.

What Koda had found was a garbage bag containing a zipped-up cooler. After unzipping the cooler Koda’s owner was shocked to find an abandoned black cat!

With no way of knowing how long the poor feline had been sealed inside the pair immediately pulled her out, there was no way she was going to stay in there a second longer. She was taken to El Dorado Animal Hospital for a check-up before finding herself a part of the Fearless Kitty Rescue family.

Through a series of coincidences, the kitty now named Juliane is doing fine and has already been seen and evaluated by our wonderful partners at El Dorado Animal Hospital. She did come to us with a pre-existing medical condition.

In the Danish culture, the name Juliane means “Fearless.” And Fearless she is! Despite the horrific situation she was found in she is a lovely cat, loving being petted and purring her heart out. The shelter is actively engaged with local police regarding what had happened to the poor cat.

Unfortunately, the shelter does not have a security system with a camera, but will now get one soon. The shelter wants people to know that this is not the way to surrender an animal you no longer what. Juliane could very well have suffocated left in such a situation.

Koda, however, is the real hero! Without her Juliane could have remained in the cooler bag for hours, waiting for shelter staff to arrive.

Embarrassment or shame is probably what leads people to do such a thing. People need to realize shelter staff understands many people end up in situations where they can no longer care for a pet. Surrendering a pet is a heartbreaking decision, abandoning one is not something anyone should do.

No one will ever know if Julianeès’s former owner tried going through the normal channels before taking such heartbreaking action. All the shelter can do now is focus on helping her into a better life than the one she left.


Because even after sweet Juliane was pulled from the cooler, she had another challenge to overcome.

During her exam, they found a very disturbing mass on her tail. It’s possible that this is why she was left at the shelter in my opinion. It was obviously going to be a serious medical issue that would likely be expensive. When this happens, people simply don’t have the financial means to cover the costs.

 Thankfully, everything else checked out well and she was eating and acting fine. But they had to consider an extreme resolution. Biopsies were done and the decision was made to amputate her “mood noodle”.

And while she recovered, she was well taken care of by one of their dedicated foster families. That resulted in an adorable soft “cone” photo of Juliane shared online after her spay surgery!

When the results were finally in, they all had the PURRfect reason to celebrate! Per our vet, Juliane’s biopsy report came back clear! Amputating the tail was the right choice in order to successfully remove the tumor, giving Juliane the greatest chances of the tumor not returning.

She is playful and has started to gain energy and her foster mom says “becoming more outgoing (and less hidey-ho)”. We expect her to fully recover and become adoptable within the next week or two!

She will be ready for adoption any day now and the rescue is hoping to find her PURRfect family right away! With everything that Juliane has experienced, they know that a caring home that will allow her to adjust at her pace will be best. If you are interested in adopting her, please reach out to the rescue right away at [email protected].

I wonder if she gets along with dogs now thanks to Koda?

Thank you so much to Koda, and family, and everyone who helped Juliane get to where she is today.

Her life will be so much “cooler” now. See what I did there? Make is a pawsitive!


The lives of animals are so precious, and we all can band together to save them. Much like Juliane’s story, “it takes a village.”

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