Wild boar warrior miraculously survived the chase of 500 top “hunters” of wild dogs in the wild.hongvien

The scene of African wild dogs chasing and killing wild boar was recorded by a tourist in the Kalahari desert, South Africa, making many people shiver by the ferocity of this animal.

Compared to the famous beasts in Africa such as lions, jaguars, elephants… the wild dogs are not appreciated. Recently, however, people have had to take a different look at this animal when observations show that the success rate of African wild dogs is higher than that of lions.

This unfortunate wild boar was unfortunately discovered by a pack of ferocious wild dogs while wandering alone. Although he tried to bury himself in the cave, the poor wild boar was still beaten by a pack of wild dogs.

Alone, no matter how hard they tried, the wild boar could not successfully entrench in the shelter. It was bitten by a pack of wild dogs, on the back, and dragged out.
After being dragged out of the cave, the wild boar immediately fell into the tragedy of being bitten by a herd of wild dogs.
Severely wounded in the abdomen and tail, the wild boar knew that he could not escape his fate, he no longer resisted but let the bloodthirsty wild dogs eat him.
Seeing the wild boar give up, a wild dog bit the boar’s neck.

After the wild boar was completely dead, a whole herd of wild dogs rushed in to party on the corpse of the prey. However, feeding is also arranged in hierarchical order in the flock.
The puppies outside looked at their seniors and parents after eating, then approached and enjoyed the meal.
Only a short time later, there was no trace of a wild boar on the ground.

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