You definitely won’t be able to hold back your tears when you witness this poor dog so painfully covered with asphalt that he collapses on the side of the road screaming in vain

On a hot sunny day, on a busy street, there was a dog named Lucky wandering around to find food. Lucky was a stray dog and lived by scavenging for food. While walking, Lucky got stuck in a lump of tar on the sidewalk.

Lucky tried to break free from the tar, but was not successful. Instead, the tar stuck to Lucky’s fur, causing him pain and discomfort. Lucky tried to bite and pull the tar out of his fur, but was unsuccessful.

Lucky was trapped in the tar, feeling extremely desperate. The poor dog howled in helplessness and hoped that someone would come to his rescue.

Finally, a girl passing by noticed Lucky and saw his condition. The girl tried to free Lucky from the tar, but the more she tried, the more the tar stuck to Lucky’s fur.

The girl decided to take Lucky to a nearby veterinarian for treatment. The vet had to shave off all of Lucky’s fur to remove the tar, causing the dog a lot of pain and discomfort.

After being treated and cared for, Lucky was freed from the painful situation and became a healthy and energetic dog. The girl decided to take Lucky home and care for him.

Lucky found a place to call home, where he could be loved and cared for. He learned a lot from that experience and became a reliable companion. Lucky also became very happy and grateful for the help and love he received.

The story of Lucky is a reminder for us to care and love animals, and to always try to help animals in need.

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