You will be horrified and scared to witness an evil man trying to give his pitiful dogs to the garbage truck workers and get rid of them, but fortunately, a miraculous miracle appeared and saved them to a safe place

The news sparked widespread anger, but it is crucial to expose it to ensure that those responsible for such cruelty are held accountable. Alejandra González, a specific individual, pursued and handed over her pet dogs to truck workers for disposal in her urbanized area.

Currently, these workers are not allowed to transport animals. The workers claim that they were unaware of this prohibition and only had the intention of possibly adopting the puppies. The Mundo Patitas Foundation was alerted by a neighbor about the dogs, but their future remains uncertain despite the statements made by the staff.

After a few days, the organization successfully located the owners of two dogs named Hachi and Pancho. She clarified that she had no intention to abandon them but rather decided to entrust them to the worker.

He further stated that the man persistently demanded that he hand them over, but this contradicts the workers’ accounts. The workers expressed no opposition to the organization rescuing the items and consistently claimed that the individual had abandoned them in the landfill.

Luckily, both dogs were rescued by the organization and received excellent care. After a few months, they were made available for adoption. The dogs have since found a loving home with humble and respectful individuals who prioritize the well-being of animals.

Bᴜt the organization knowѕ that thiѕ iѕ a wideѕpread problem in Mexico and many changeѕ are needed to improνe the ѕitᴜation of the animalѕ , which iѕ why they write the following on their page:

“Please help us amplify our message: it is crucial to raise awareness among the CDMX cleaning staff about prevention, values, and respect for animal life. We strongly advocate against live animals being transported in garbage trucks! Kindly tweet this to the Head of Government @ManceraMiguelMx and the @gamadero delegation, urging them to listen and enable us to contribute to the advancement of a more enlightened and equitable society.”

Of coᴜrѕe, they are not the only people in Mexico helping abandoned dogѕ in the traѕh, Yolanda Romero haѕ alѕo had 20 yearѕ of reѕcᴜing dogѕ.

These individuals excel in their efforts to support animals. It would be unjust to assume that all Mexicans mistreat animals, as there are also numerous individuals who genuinely care about their well-being. They tirelessly advocate for their rights and work persistently to eradicate animal abuse and neglect in Mexico.

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