You will probably cry when you witness the drunken owner tormenting the poor innocent dog with 70% of its body badly burned, it painfully cries for help in desperation

Benjamin was found on the streets, in a horrific state. Half of his skin was gone, and he was lying down, crying in agony. Local people shared that Benjamin used to be a pet of a drunk man, but one day he lost his temper and poured scalding hot water on Benjamin. He also struck Benjamin’s front legs with a hard stick, leaving the poor dog in excruciating pain and unable to move, just crying for help.

Neighbors tried to approach and help the dog, but Benjamin’s fear and pain made him lash out, scaring them off. People were scared, and no one reported the abuse until it was too late. When Benjamin’s condition worsened, he was dumped on the streets like garbage. Fortunately, compassionate individuals found him and immediately cleaned his injuries, providing him with a bandage, but his survival was uncertain. Despite his condition, Benjamin still showed a flicker of desire to live in his eyes.

“We couldn’t just abandon Benjamin and leave him alone,” said one of the rescuers. “He’s a smart dog, and he knew we were trying to help him.” Hearts were melted when tears were seen in Benjamin’s eyes. For the first 48 hours, Benjamin couldn’t eat on his own, so he was given bottle feed support. The next day, he started to improve, showing signs of getting better.

Even though he couldn’t move much, Benjamin wagged his tail and used his eyes to greet his caregivers. By day 5, he began to drink water on his own, and on day 7, he ate a small amount of raw food. Food made him stronger, and a smile gradually returned to his face.

“When I left him, he seemed sad,” said one of the rescuers. “Maybe he thought he was going to be abandoned again.” To lift his spirits, they took Benjamin outside on his bed, and he loved it. His smile returned.

With nearly 100% raw food in his diet, and being taken outside for nearly 4+ hours per day, Benjamin’s progress was remarkable. His story went viral on the internet, and his resilience inspired many people to donate towards his medical care. He even appeared on television, smiling as he wagged his tail.

“It’s amazing how much easier it’s been to get donations after Benjamin’s story spread,” said one of the rescuers. After two weeks of intensive care, Benjamin was able to stand up on his own, wagging his tail all the time. He was so much happier in his cozy room, although there was still a long way to go in his recovery. But with the support of his caregivers and the community, Benjamin was on a good track.

“Let’s fight together and stay strong, Benjamin,” said one of the rescuers, touched by the dog’s resilience and will to survive. Benjamin’s story became a testament to the power of compassion and the indomitable spirit of animals who overcome adversity. His journey to recovery continued, but with the love and care he received, Benjamin was determined to live a happy, healthy life once again.

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