You will surely be shocked and saddened for the poor dog because of the illness that makes its face so disfigured that no one recognizes it and avoids it

Every living creature should never be forsaken, especially not a dog who was severely ill and tragically left to face her destiny by her own family. Thankfully, angels crossed her path to grant her a new lease on life. Sabina, the dog, bore a body covered in sores as a result of her disease.

Despite once having a home, Sabina found herself living on the streets of Tabasco, Mexico after contracting papilloma and TVT. As a result of the diseases, her body emitted an unpleasant odor and was covered in rashes, causing people to reject her and withhold assistance. Sabina pleaded for help from anyone who crossed her path.

Everything changed when a kind woman unexpectedly approached, gently touched her, and requested her to wait while she sought assistance. The dog placed her trust in those words, which restored her hope.

The girl covered in fur was saved by the Canines 911, AC association, where she promptly received veterinary attention. Although her recovery would be a lengthy journey, neither she nor the rescuers were ready to surrender. His health worsened further at the beginning of his treatment.

Despite everyone’s efforts to heal Sabina, her body was not responding properly and her condition deteriorated. It was necessary for her to remain in the emergency room, and the organization decided to share her story in hopes that internet users would help support the veterinary costs.

“Oᴜr loνe workѕ miracleѕ, bᴜt withoᴜt yoᴜr contribᴜtionѕ we cannot achieνe great changeѕ, do not ѕtop ѕᴜpporting ᴜѕ!”, the aѕѕociation commᴜnicated.

Sabina’s welts started to heal after 15 days, leading to her discharge. She realized that life has numerous blessings to offer individuals as extraordinary as her, and she learned to conquer challenges one day at a time.

After enduring a grueling 9-month treatment, this dog’s physical and emotional wounds began to heal. With the passage of time, her battered soul regained strength and she was deemed ready for adoption. The moment had come for her to find a new home, and fortunately, she was welcomed into a loving family where the best experiences awaited her.

A family residing in the same area as the shelter made the compassionate choice to welcome Sabina into their home. Sabina’s new caregiver, named Rosaura Fiorini, is her human mother. Additionally, Rosauro has several canine siblings who, just like Sabina, were rescued and adopted.

Sabina gained a little hᴜman brother named Sebaѕtián who teacheѕ her many trickѕ.

Every day is filled with excitement for this dog. She eagerly looks forward to going for a walk in the park, and once she returns home, she happily snuggles up next to her beloved human dad, receiving the abundance of cuddles and hugs that she has always deserved.

Now he haѕ the beѕt of liνeѕ

Sabina, who was on the brink of losing her life, recently celebrated her fifth birthday. Her family is overjoyed to have her still with them, and she has moved past her difficult past thanks to the overwhelming love she has received.

“Happy birthday Sabina, beaᴜtifᴜl princeѕѕ. 5 yearѕ ago yoᴜ came to oᴜr hoᴜѕe and ѕhook ᴜѕ with yoᴜr beaᴜty, loνe and madneѕѕ. Yoᴜ are loνed and happy, I aѕk God to accompany ᴜѕ for many more yearѕ, “wrote a member of the cᴜrrent family of thiѕ dog.

The association continues to closely monitor Sabina’s progress and, despite her having completely forgotten about the challenging journey she went through, they are delighted to witness her remarkable transformation and happiness.

There is no doubt that after the storm, there is always a period of calm and something much better to come. Congratulations to Sabina, who truly deserves all the happiness in the world! You have the power to make a difference in the lives of many animals in need; all you have to do is open your heart and promote adoption.

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