McLaren P1 Electric Ride-On Edition Could Be The Perfect Xmas Present

McLaren built an affordable, electric P1, but you won’t fit in it.  They shrink down the P1 to give younger drivers a chance at piloting the hypercar.

This miniature replica reach top speed in just two seconds. The fact that its top speed is only 3mph might have something to do with this stat, however.

The ideal customer is between 3 and 6 years of age, but with an MSRP of £375 (about $490), the ideal customer will have to ask the parental units to pony up some dough.

Featuring a McLaren F1-style central driving position, the all-electric P1 convertible continues with McLaren’s signature dihedral doors.

It has three forward gears, a reverse gear, a push-button start, lights, ‘air-conditioning’, and, according to the Woking-based supercar builder, an MP3 player and audio system with “every popular nursery rhyme” already programmed in.

Not a bad Christmas present for your little one, is it? For those under the age of 3, the automaker will also be releasing a Foot-to-Floor Edition, priced at $47.

As for the company’s full-size cars, though work is progressing on an all-electric supercar and even more efficient plug-in hybrid powertrains, the first truly zero-emissions road-going McLaren isn’t expected until 2022.

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