Miraculous rescue: The touching story of a dog saved from death on train tracks amid everyone’s panic.ThuHa

Last month, a dog was rescued from the railroad tracks, narrowly avoiding a tragic incident. Fortunately, this fortunate pup has received even more good news.

In a heartwarming event on March 30, San Antonio’s Animal Care Services witnessed a “Miracle on the Tracks.” An animal care officer received a complaint about a helpless dog tied to a moving train track. The Labrador was lying on the track, with a leash fastened to the rail restricting his escape. The officer quickly acted and managed to remove the dog from the track safely, just before the train was about to speed down the track. The dog, fittingly named “Lucky” by animal care services, was saved in time. It is unclear whether Lucky was intentionally attached to the track or got trapped on a nail. Lucky needed some time to settle down, but soon after, he was placed up for adoption and found a new family. His new owner, identified as Mr. C, described him as calm and unfazed. Lucky, who was neutered and given a microchip, is now called “Duke.”

Good Samaritan Finds Dog Stuck To An Active Train Track And Rushes To Help  - The Dodo

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