Please save this abandoned, emaciated and hungry dog who found solace in daily hugs from his rescuer after a miraculous rescue.ThuHa

A call came one day about a very skinny dog running about, and Takis knew he had to act fast. He headed out to find the dog, and eventually, he stumbled upon Figo in his own make-shift home. The poor dog was malnourished and full of wounds, but despite his condition, he was very friendly.

Takis couldn’t help but notice the hundreds of fleas running up and down Figo’s skin. It was clear that the dog needed help, so Takis took him in without hesitation. Figo was so used to sleeping on the ground that when he came into Takis’ home, he went and sat in the cat sand. Maybe he didn’t want to cause any trouble or was too afraid to ask for anything better.

Finally, Figo slept well that night, his first night in a home. The next day, he discovered his first favorite thing: FOOD. It was impossible for Figo to be around food and not eat. However, at first, he was a bit shy, maybe because he was not used to receiving food regularly.

Despite all the hardships, Figo is a very happy dog. He is always playing and wanting hugs. It’s a delight to see him enjoying his new life. Takis has given him a second chance, and Figo will always be grateful for that. Although he still has a long way to go before he is fully healed, with Takis’ help, Figo is on the road to recovery.

In conclusion, Figo’s story is a powerful reminder of the importance of compassion and love towards animals. Thanks to Takis’ quick thinking and kind heart, Figo now has a chance at a happy life. It’s inspiring to see how one person can make a difference in the life of an animal, and we can all learn from Takis’ example.

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