The dog had to live in hell being chained for 8 years straight, he was in pain, he cried until he collapsed but no one cared.ThuHa

Lo̴la the pit bull was very excited when she found a home with a family. But the family never really welcomed the dog into their hearts, writes ilo̴vemydo̴gso̴much

They chained her among the junk thrown in a garage that often did not provide shelter from inclement weather. For 8 years, they only fed her crumbs and did not even touch her with love.

As the rusty chains cut her from all sides and suffocated her, Lo̴la did her best to free herself. When he saw a large tumor growing on one of his hind legs, and another two growing on his chest, he realized that his end was near. The girl ρo̴o̴r felt defeated and surrendered to her destiny.

After a few months, a woman working for AMA Animal Rescue found out about Lo̴la’s flight. When he confronted the owner for neglecting and angering Lo̴la, the owner simply asked him to take the puppy away. The family was too excited to get the pup “out of the way.”

We see Lo̴la’s heartbreaking reaction when she is released for the first time in 8 years. She embraces her savior as her chains are cut off and happily follows her to the shelter.

Lo̴la was weakened after years of neglect, and the rescuers’ priority was to remove her tumors and restore her health. After months of intensive treatment, Lo̴la finally recovered and was ready to be adopted!

Lo̴la initially suffered a lot of rejection due to her advanced age. But finally, a woman named Charlene fell in love with the dog and decided to be its mother forever. After nearly a decade of sadness and pain, the resilient Lo̴la is finally living like a queen in her new home!

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