The pitiful dog was rescued with its front paw crushed, ending the pain it had to go through horribly.ThuHa

This story is about Judo, a sad dog who was hit by a car and suffered several broken legs.

Judoka’s leg suffers from several fractures. RRSA India came to his aid. Judo was hit by a car.

Dogs that have been hit by a car or have experienced severe trauma may suffer many fractures!

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Judo appeared to be in pain in his leg. Wagging his tail showed his confidence. Judo had the power of an eagle, and that is exactly what happened to this adorable and brave little dog. We underwent blood tests and x-rays.

His performance was normal, but he suffered several fractures in his leg. To prevent infection, we begin stabilizing the dog, which may require intravenous fluids, painkillers, and antibiotics.

We took him to a specialized veterinary facility equipped with advanced surgical equipment.

The vet chose to amputate his leg due to the high risk of infection and blood flow.

We got him ready for surgery. Wrap it with a bandage to help stabilize the fracture and relieve its pain… There are several fractures in addition to large lacerations.

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Unfortunately, it was too late for his leg, as the vet decided that amputating the leg was the best option due to the high risk of blood flow and infection.

We hope he recovers quickly from surgery because he truly deserves a second chance.

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