The poor little dog collapsed, in pain, no longer able to resist, everyone thought he was dead but fortunately a miracle happened.ThuHa

The rejection of such a small and vulnerable being was truly astonishing. Buenuelo, not even three months old, had already struggled for survival for a relentless 90 days. The initial photo we received painted a grim picture – he appeared lifeless, and his breathing was barely perceptible. It was a race against time; without immediate veterinary care, Buenuelo’s chances of survival were minimal.


Buenuelo was grappling with dehydration, anemia, and severe bodily distress due to persistent diarrhea. We lit metaphorical candles, sending waves of positive energy his way. Urgently, he was transported to the vet’s care, where his fight for life continued around the clock. Every breath he took was a testament to his resilience, even as his prognosis remained precarious.

With time slipping away, Buenuelo’s test results were grim. The only lifeline available was an urgent blood transfusion. This marked the beginning of a transformation – a transformation we fervently hoped would take hold. Just days prior, Buenuelo was on the brink of losing his battle. Yet on this day, he exhibited the fervor of a hungry child, a will to survive that was truly inspiring. It seemed possible that he might even be healthy enough to join us for Christmas festivities.


Buenuelo’s struggles were exacerbated by testing positive for ehrlichia and babesia – two blood parasites that were mercilessly attacking him. His body, weakened from the prolonged ordeal, was hardly equipped to fend them off. The possibility of recovery felt like a miracle in the making. Concealing our inner sadness and fragility, we showered Buenuelo with happiness, envisioning him playing, running, and exploring with other dogs, doing all the things he loved.

In our heart-to-heart conversations, we conveyed our wishes for Buenuelo’s recovery, while also ensuring he knew that his choice mattered most. We didn’t want to burden him with our desires – he had already shown extraordinary strength. Amidst this battle, we encountered a bittersweet victory, as Buenuelo’s spirit shone through.


We marveled at the resilience Buenuelo displayed during these challenging weeks. Though our time together was fleeting – a mere two weeks – it was filled with boundless affection, tender caresses, playful moments, and his favorite treats. Our beloved Buenuelo crossed over, knowing the warmth of being part of a larger family. His heavenly journey holds the promise of new friendships and the creation of an eternal story of happiness.

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