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When a man finds his long-lost Huskies, he becomes emotional.

In today’s story, we’ll see a touching reunion between a man and his long-lost huskies. Sandy Hernandez began looking around for his two huskies when he didn’t see them. The two pups had leaped the fence in order to leave the safety of his Miami, Florida home. He began circulating leaflets and searching for shelters […]

14 Dog Sports For You and Your Dog To Enjoy Together

As dogs have become companion animals and further away from their traditional work roles as hunters, trackers and herders, many dogs don’t have a regular outlet to channel their natural abilities and energy. Dog sports fill that gap. From nose work to agility, to surfing and dock jumping, canine-related sports encourage dogs to utilize their […]

The dog cuddles up to the rescuer who saved him from euthanasia.

Fortunately, angels still remain among us, constantly trying to protect animals. Joe Kirk, the owner of an animal rescue group, is one of these rescues. When a shelter learned Gregory had a major but curable health problem, Joe stepped in to save his life. Gregory is a 2-year-old beagle that was rescued from Columbus’ Franklin […]

The restaurant’s kind owner serves dinner to stray dogs who appear in front of his restaurant.

The heartwarming anecdote depicts a restaurant owner serving meals to stray dogs. Five years ago, a restaurant owner took pity on a stray dog and fed her. Nobody could have guessed that this one act of kindness would turn into a community custom of feeding stray dogs every night. It all started when a starved […]

Caring Mother Dog Makes an attempt to Comfort Her Crying Puppies by Bringing Them Toys

When infants scream, all moms have the same desire: to soothe them, according to reality. It’s the same for this amazing new Golden Retriever mom, who simply wants to help her children in any way she can. This lovely movie was recorded by Ms. Lu, the owner of Yami, a Golden Retriever from Zhengzhou, China. […]

Wσman Discσνers ρuρρy Left in the Fσrest and ƙnσws Exactly What Tσ Dσ

Cleνeland Natiσnal Fσrest in San Diegσ is hσme tσ a wide νariety σf wild sρecies, including bσbcats and bears. Sσ, while a Gσσd Samaritan was walƙing thrσugh the wσσds, she came tσ a cσmρlete halt when she nσticed a ρair σf distant eyes watching her.At first, she belieνed she’d sρied a wild animal — but […]

The Cσuρle Discσνers A Bσx σf Abandσned ρuρρies In The Wσσds And ƙnσws What They Haνe Tσ Dσ With Them

Marƙ (whσ requested that his last name nσt be used) was walƙing thrσugh the streets σf Sarajeνσ when he heard a ρeculiar sσbbing sσund. He fσcused σn a cardbσard bσx hidden in the wσσds σff tσ the side σf the rσad. Marƙ finally came acrσss the ρuρρies as they were huddled tσgether in the dirt, […]

Chris Evans says adopting his dog Dodger was the ‘best decision of my life’

Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments No matter who you are, adopting a dog is always a great decision. When you adopt a dog from a shelter you’re not only giving them a great new life – you’re getting plenty of unconditional love in return. Even major Hollywood celebrities have spoken about how their rescue […]